Thomas Bewick School Site 2 Expansion Works Completed

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29th Feb 2024

Further expansion work at Thomas Bewick School Site 2 has taken place to facilitate the school’s growth and has recently completed, creating additional space for pupils.

Thomas Bewick School Site 2 is based on West Denton Way, and in conjunction with Newcastle City Council, an unused part of the site has been fully refurbished for Thomas Bewick School in order to meet the growing demand for places in the school.

This expansion at Thomas Bewick School Site 2 has created spaces for six additional classrooms with attached quiet spaces, a sensory room, a rebound therapy room, a dining hall, and an additional staff room.

This work also included the recommissioning of a former school kitchen to facilitate school meals to be made on site, as well as a plant room which is able to heat the site through air source heat pumps.

The new spaces created by these developments will be in full operation by September 2024 to allow for the growth of Thomas Bewick School’s increasing pupil numbers.