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At Prosper Learning Trust we invest in our adults in order to benefit our children. We believe that every member of staff is a leader and has an important contribution to make. Whilst there is a comprehensive programme of whole-school or whole-trust professional development, we aim for this to be complemented by a more personalised offer. Whatever stage you are in your career, we want you to be able to become even more effective in your current role and have opportunities that support your readiness for further progression within our Trust.  We want to continue to recruit and retain the very best people and offer you a clear career pathway within Prosper learning Trust.

Our current personalised professional development offer has both internal and external aspects. Internally, these are provided by our own leaders and our Trust Achievement Partner. These courses usually involve 3-5 sessions over a school year, or for coaching, roughly once every 4-5 school weeks. Externally, they are offered via providers of apprenticeships or National Professional Qualification Frameworks. These programmes are typically over 12 to 18 months and can be completed whilst employed with the Trust. Any opportunity must be taken with the support of your Headteacher. 


Routes into Teaching

Teaching Progression Routes

Support Staff Pathways

Support Staff Progression Pathways