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Trust Finance Team

As well as providing management reports and budgetary support to Headteachers, and meeting financial regulatory requirements as a Trust, the Finance Team is answerable to the Risk and Audit Committee, Executive Leaders and external auditors.

The team process every order and payment made from our academies and the central team, to ensure that our academies are able to deliver excellent services to our pupils whether that be via Capital works, maintenance, education materials, ICT resources, Health and Safety.

The team also processes all income into the Trust from national sources, grants, fundraising, parental income. In addition, the team also provides support to academies by liaising with suppliers of goods and services.

The Finance Team ensure:

  • Appointment of internal and external auditors
  • Development of an internal audit programme
  • Completion and submission of statutory accounts
  • Completion and submission of all ESFA financial reporting requirements
  • Provision of full financial service to academies
    • Ordering and invoicing for resources
    • Managing income into schools/Trust
    • Procurement
    • Budgeting
    • Analysis
    • Submission of VAT return
    • Administration of bank accounts
  • Provision of all policies and internal controls
  • Payroll provision for all academies
  • Financial strategic support and planning
  • Collective purchasing agreements where appropriate
  • Advice on compliance with the Academy Financial Handbook and the MAT’s financial procedures
  • Advice and guidance as required on procurement procedures