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Trust Operational Support

This team covers all operational aspects for the Trust and academies to include:

  • Management of Senior/Lead Administrators in the academies to include advice/support/performance management*
  • Premises/Estates Management
    • Assurance system to ensure a standard approach and reporting system (Every)
    • On-site and phone support
    • Guidance on strategic services for repair and maintenance
    • Estates monitoring visits and checklists
    • Assistance with major projects
    • Assistance with budget planning and planned preventative maintenance
    • Advice with regards to asset tracking (Parago)
  • Trust-wide procurement of contracts, services, resources and regular meetings with key suppliers to continuously improve quality and ensure value for money
  • Health and Safety service
    • On-site and phone support
    • Statutory compliance guidance and audits
    • Asbestos management plan guidance
    • Advice on risk assessments
    • Fire risk management guidance and support
    • Health and safety guidance and support
    • Policy provision and support
    • Training
  • Data Protection Officer
    • GDPR policy and privacy notices
    • Registration with ICO
    • Data protection office support and audit provision
    • Training and support
  • Submission of DfE and other statutory returns or advice relating to these
  • Provision of a suite of compliant policies including publication on academy websites where required, plus support for the development of school specific policies as required
  • Communication and marketing advice – websites and social media
  • Legal advice sourced as required from external advisors (additional academy contribution may be required depending on the circumstances).
  • Governance support and advice

The Estates function is responsible for ensuring building compliance, strategic overview of maintenance and redevelopment projects across the Trust.  The team are also responsible for ensuring our buildings are safe and adhere to Health and Safety standards.

The Operations Team also look after the Trust’s day to day communications needs.  The Team is responsible for overseeing all academy websites, ensuring annual reviews of content and DfE compliance.  In this, PLT are supported by an external consultant.  The team also adds all school news stories to the relevant websites and social media, they also provide monthly insights reporting.  PR and all marketing resources are also overseen by the external consultant and the team.